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What To Do Before You Visit Us

There are a number of questions, queries and choices to think about before you visit us that will enable our designers to work quickly and efficiently on your dream kitchen.

We have listed a number of key points to think about prior to visiting our showroom along with some guides on how to do these. Remember our designers are on and feel free to call us prior to your visit if you have any further questions or need some advice.

Designing a kitchen starts with good measurements

If you are unable to obtain the CAD file, developer measurements or already have your room measurements we have created a ‘Measuring Guide’ to guide you in what, where and how to measure your room accurately. This will save both time and money in your kitchen design process

Designs, styles, colours and budgets

There is a lot to think about initially with regards to styles, colours, budgets and finishes. We have prepared a handy ‘Buying Guide to Fitted Kitchens’ to help with the intial ideas and thoughts.

What type of kitchen layout?

Many rooms can have multiple layouts, designs and shapes. It’s a great idea to think about what layout you would need and also want. Our guide to 'What type of Kitchen Layout’ will show you the popular options.

Creating a kitchen floor plan

Once your layout is decided think about your actual floor plan, where points are, where fixed connections are and what can really work in reality not just on paper, our ‘Creating a Kitchen Floor Plan’ will guide you.

Kitchen storage and how to organise your kitchen

Kitchens come with numerous options, accessories and option extras to help with storage and organisation of your kitchen. Some of the most important points to think about we have covered in our ‘Storage and how to organise a kitchen’ guide.


Quartz, Granite, Laminate? We have broken down the main pros and cons of each material in our ‘Worktops’ guide.


It’s a great idea to list down what appliances you would like and to then mark the ones which are completely necessary and you cannot live without. Not all appliances will work in your space and so have a priority list is key. Have a look at the range of Teka Appliances available in the UAE.

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